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Watch our latest video about the Team DyNAmics© Model that is helping teams to become more engaged, effective and dynamic.


Getting the balance right for high performance

One of our most read articles on LinkedIn explores the need to get the balance right between tasks and relationships.

8 tips to help you book the right conference speaker

Having spoken at over 450 conferences, I have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly.  Based on feedback from delegates, here is an article with tips to ensure you book the right speaker.

Tomorrow's Assistant, The Changemaker

How the role of the assistant is changing in many organisations to become an integral part of the leadership team.

The 4 things high-performing leaders excel at

Based on working with high-performing leaders, these are the 4 things that they excel at when leading their teams.

7 Tips to make your Team Meetings work for EVERYONE

Meetings take up so much of our working life. It is therefore important that they are productive and produce outcomes.  This article provides you with an understanding of why they often don't work and 7 tips to make them more effective.

7 Ways To Stop You Gambling On Team Success

7 ways how you can increase your chances of working as part of a motivated, engaged and successful team?

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